Healer (K-Drama) Inspired Piano Composition

The Healer Korean Drama (힐러) was pretty cool. It starred Ji Chang Wook, Park Min Young, and Yoo Ji Tae.

You can watch Healer on Viki. Many of the songs and background music from Healer are pretty cool, too. And, in particular, believe it or not, this Healer theme song gave the most inspiration for this composition.

Moorim School ~ One Thing (Piano Cover)

Moorim School or Moorim Hakgyo is a Korean drama about a martial arts school starring Lee Hyun-woo, Lee Hong-bin, Seo Yi-ji, and Jung Yoo-jin. The song played by Lee Hyun-Woo on the piano multiple times in the drama caught my attention, and I later found out it was called “One Thing”. I liked the song so I arranged it.

You can download the piano sheet music for Moorim School’s One Thing.

My Love from the Star OST Part 6 (來自星星的你: Tears Fallin’ Today – Huh Gak)

In arranging the piano version of My Love from the Star OST 6, Tears Fallin’ Today, I came to realize that sometimes I can’t get to the final version until I’ve iterated through the process several times. There were some notes that I only picked up after the third version of the piano arrangement.

download sheet music